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Womens Footwear:  New Balance
New Balance is our Premier athletic brand partner.  Why?  "Footwear companies typically develop a shoe and then sell it in a range of sizes.  We already have more sizes and widths than anyone, but we know that size isn't everything.  Instead, we look at fit from every angle.  We start with the shape of the foot and then design around 88 points of fit to ensure the perfect fit for every customer.  From outsole to midsole, heel to toe box, upper to laces, and everything in between.  It all counts in the design.  We call it Total Fit."  We couldn't agree more.  If your size is not listed on a product you are interested in, please contact us.  We are happy to bring in a specialty size or width to fit you perfectly.

Womens Footwear: New Balance

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